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14 + 15 February 2019 - Jade Hochschule Oldenburg - Stand 1. OG-M-16                                                    

SIMONA showcases product and system solutions in Oldenburg under the forum's guiding theme "Plastic Pipes - Transport media for drinking water and wastewater"

At Oldenburger Rohrleitungsforum (14 + 15 February 2019), SIMONA AG will be exhibiting product and system solutions for the rehabilitation of pressure and non-pressure piping systems, for welded sewer piping systems and for an FM-certified fire extinguishing system. A key focus at this year's event will be on the company's end-to-end protective pipe and sheet system for high-voltage cable runs.


SIMONA® products in Oldenburg:

Solutions for pipeline rehabilitation

The company has developed a SIMONA® PP-HM short-pipe system tailored specifically to pipeline rehabilitation in confined spaces as well as for use via shaft installations and narrow construction trenches. Thanks to the short lengths of the pipe sections (0.42 to 1.90 m) and the smooth integral socket connections used for such applications, these modules can be installed cost-effectively by means of the TIP lining or pipe bursting method. Combining superior levels of rigidity with particularly high impact strength at low temperatures, the jacking pipes are the perfect choice for the long-term rehabilitation of drainage systems. The overall system is complemented by a full range of fittings for the connection of shaft structures and service lines using open-cut or non-trench methods.

Solutions for wastewater disposal

The extruded SIMONA® PE 100 ovoid pipe combines the benefits of customisable pipe lengths and a high pipe-laying rate – while welding work is scaled back significantly. It is available in a black or grey design made of PE 100 and can be supplied in standard or various customised profiles. SIMOFUSE®, the mono-filament joining system developed by SIMONA, can be used to weld the individual components together with maximum operational efficiency even in confined spaces. By applying the electrofusion method, the overall installation time for pipe modules measuring d 560 mm, SDR 17.6/17, for instance, can be reduced by around 50% compared to conventional bi-filament welding with electrofusion sockets. The SIMOFUSE® piping system consists of pipes, fittings, plastic shaft/manhole installations and project-specific customised fittings. 

Solutions for the protection of HV cables

SIMONA has recently introduced a complete pipe and sheet system for the long-term protection of high-voltage (HV) cables, the aim being to ensure safe energy and data distribution. Cable protection pipes are designed to protect underground electricity and telecommunications cables against ambient conditions (moisture, soil or traffic loads) and prevent any subsequent damage to such cables. Alongside mechanical loads, the aspect of high operating temperatures is also of increasing importance. SIMONA® cable protection pipes can be supplied with a range of different properties: from single-layer pipes to functional multilayer pipes with special tribological properties and from conventional PE designs to crack-resistant PE 100 RC materials and long-term temperature-resistant PE-RT. The end-to-end system for cable protection also includes a range of protective sheets with functional anti-slip properties and versatile joining methods.

Solutions for firefighting water supply

The SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line consists of pipes and fittings for the supply of firefighting water. The PE 100 FM-Line range of pipes and fittings with FM certification offers a superior standard of safety and quality for use in subterranean fire extinguishing systems. SIMONA offers a comprehensive product range consisting of pipes, short/elongated fittings and flanges up to d 630 mm – all engineered from premium-quality PE 100. Combining excellent stress crack resistance with high impact strength, PE is the perfect material for use in subsurface water supply systems designed for firefighting purposes, an area in which products are generally exposed to extreme strain and stress.


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