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14 - 18 May 2018 - Fair Munich - Hall B3, Stand 227/326

SIMONA presents end-to-end solutions at IFAT 2018

SIMONA AG will be presenting its product and system solutions for water treatment, rehabilitation and civil engineering at this year's IFAT, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management in Munich. In addition, the supplier of high-quality plastic products plans to showcase its many years of expertise and extensive knowledge in the field of customisation.


Preview of our products at IFAT 2018:

Solutions for pipeline rehabilitation

The company has developed short-pipe modules for the SIMONA® PP-HM jacking pipe system, designed specifically for pipeline rehabilitation in confined spaces as well as for use via shaft installations and narrow construction trenches. Thanks to the short lengths of the pipe sections (0.42 to 1.90 m) and the smooth integral socket connections used for such applications, these modules can be installed by means of the TIP lining or pipe bursting method.

Another focus at this year's IFAT trade fair will be on the company's new installation system for SIMONA® internal saddles. The internal saddles have been produced specifically for the trenchless connection between a sewer and PE/PP lining pipes. They are joined by applying the method of top-hat profiles or pressure grouting. SIMONA will be unveiling an installation system tailored to these methods at the trade fair.

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Solutions for civil engineering

SIMOFUSE®, a mono-filament joining method introduced by SIMONA, can be used to weld components without the need for cumbersome equipment. The use of socket connectors with integral electrofusion filaments reduces the overall installation time for pipe modules in sizes exceeding d 560 mm, SDR 17.6 by around 50% compared to conventional bi-filament welding with electrofusion sockets.

SIMONA® double-containment piping systems are designed for maximum protection. The exterior pipe retains any substance discharged in the event of leakage and diverts it safely without exposure to the environment. SIMONA® double-containment pipes are the perfect choice for critical areas of application, such as pipelines installed in drinking water protection areas.

SIMONA® SPC RC-Line protective-jacket pipes consist of a PE 100 RC inner pipe (DIN 8074/DIN EN 12201) and an additional protective jacket made of highly abrasion-resistant polypropylene. The PP pipe jacket protects the inner pipe against dangerous notches or scratches. Therefore, the inner pipe has the full quality of a new pipe even once it has been laid by means of trenchless installation. SIMONA® SPC RC-Line protective-jacket pipes are certified in accordance with PAS 1075 Type 3.

The extruded SIMONA® PE 100 ovoid pipe combines the benefits of customisable pipe lengths and a high pipe-laying rate – while welding work is scaled back significantly. It is available in a black or grey design made of PE 100 and can be supplied in standard or various customised profiles. 

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Solutions for water treatment

As a system supplier of pipes and fittings made of PE 100, PP-H AlphaPlus®, PVDF and ECTFE, SIMONA offers products for a wide range of water treatment applications, particularly for desalination plants. In this specific field, SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes and fittings are often used in rack installations, i.e. the pipes required to distribute the permeating media. Thermoplastic products developed by SIMONA are mainly used to substitute stainless steel pipes, as their service life is greatly reduced by the combination of salt water and unfavourable ambient temperatures. By contrast, SIMONA plastic products are much more durable. They offer excellent corrosion protection and a long service life of up to 100 years, in addition to being resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Thanks to its in-house plastics workshop, SIMONA is able to offer customised designs and supply pre-assembled components. This significantly reduces the time needed for on-site installation.

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