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Safer Stalls for Schools, Universities and Public Facilities 

NFPA 286 was established to set a safety standard for materials in case of a fire hazard in public facilities such as schools or hospitals. We've gone the extra mile to ensure that SIMOBOARD™ Defender meets the specifications of the code entirely, so that you can be sure that the toilet partitions in your facility meet the most up-to-date fire and safety standards.


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Standard sheet size is 55.5 x 144.5 in. and 0.975 in. thickness. For a finished system, contact us to be connected with a manufacturer.


Stacked SheetWHY HDPE?

High density polyethylene can be cleaned daily using strong cleaning products and disinfectants.

  • Great chemical resistance
  • UV and water resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Offer cost savings over time compared to metal and phenolic
  • Won't dent or rust
  • Easy to route and machine
  • Never requires painting
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Easy to repair
  • Solid color throughout 
  • 100% recyclable

SIMOBOARD™ Defender HDPE toilet partition sheet materials meet the unmodified test criteria of NFPA 286:15

Standard Methods of Fire Tests for evaluating Contribution of Wall and Ceiling Interior Finish to Room Fire Growth

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